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My name is Marco (Polo) Ornelas, I’m a developer/photographer living in NoVA area. For more information about me please read below:


Software Developer Manager; My main focus is web development but I like everything connected to the internet (mobile, servers, web, IoT, etc), my preferred work environment is on a Mac or on any *NIX platform (even Windows with WSL2). I’m currently using an iPad Pro as my daily driver augmented with a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W for development.

I love to learn new technology and hack all my computer-related stuff, I recently discovered MerlinWRT for Asus routers, and it’s awesome. I have an Nvidia Jetson for learning about AI and a “particle argon” that reminds me that I can do hardware but it’s not my strongest point.

I’m a firm believer that curiosity drives this world to a better future.


I’ve always tried to document somewhere my findings and my opinions on a personal blog, you will find my latest iteration here.


I only work on personal projects, using digital, 35mm, Holga, and some polaroid, I like all formats but the future is digital. See my portfolio here and follow me at Instagram